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Why Missing Teeth Should Not Be Ignored 

Did you know that, according to the National Institute of Health, 47% of the American population is missing at least one tooth? Some people may congenitally have a tooth that never developed, others may have had trauma, gum disease, or decay that led to tooth removal. However, no matter the reason for a missing tooth, it's important to acknowledge that the adverse effects will not only affect self-esteem, but overall dental health.

The Adverse Effects of Missing Teeth

A missing tooth means there is no function in the bone, leading to bone resorption of the jaw structure over time.  The adjacent teeth and the teeth in the opposing arch will start to tip into this space.  This issue leads to the bite collapsing, creating bite issues, unbalanced function, temporal mandibular jaw disorder (TMJ) pain and clicking, and gum disease resulting in even more teeth being lost over time.

To make matters worse, many people feel they will be just fine missing a tooth and only do something once the adverse side effects set in.  When they want to address these negative effects, they are told they need the tooth replaced.  The dentist will recommend replacement with the best long-term option, a dental implant.  Unfortunately, what would the possibilities be if you do not have room for the implant and your bite has collapsed in on itself?

Relying on a Top-Notch Invisalign Orthodontist 

A top-notch orthodontist can realign the teeth, correct the bite, and open the proper space for the implant to replace the missing tooth. This rebuilding of the foundation is crucial to ensure a successful tooth replacement.

Braces have always been the traditional treatment method, but only a few adults want to suffer through braces for two years, so they never follow through. Many people don’t know that with the help of a Top 1% Invisalign orthodontist, it is possible to use Invisalign to achieve their goals in about half the time with more stable results.   

If you have been told you are not a candidate for Invisalign, you owe it to yourself to find a highly qualified Top 1% Invisalign orthodontist. Having expertise in the advanced technology of Invisalign treatments allows them to assess your smile and provide you with options to obtain a stable bite, replace your missing tooth, and start showing off that smile!



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