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Iowa City’s Top Invisalign® Provider 

Medical Statistics state that in almost 50 percent of people, teeth are irregular, crooked, or uneven. Straightening of irregular teeth in the past was limited to removable plates with ugly-looking steel wires. The treatment was almost always a compromised one, too lengthy and unpleasant. With advances in dentistry, particularly in the branch of orthodontics, which deals with correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaws, the treatment of such teeth is no longer complex, thanks to Mergen Orthodontics. Dr. Mergen dedicated his career to advancing orthodontic care and service for his patients, creating an unprecedented dental experience that is comfortable, easy, and comprehensive for his patience.  Consequently, he invested time, commitment, and training to become a VIP Diamond Top 1% Invisalign® provider.

A Digital Road Map to Invisalign®

Invisalign® is the most advanced orthodontic care offered today. Why? Because inside every Invisalign® clear aligner, there is a lot of technology. Every procedure starts with a simple scan to give a glimpse of what the future smile will look like. The cutting-edge software Mergen Orthodontics provides will then create a road map. Every tooth shift is planned, calculating just the right amount of force needed to move your teeth. Then the specialist takes that digital road map and brings it to life using 3D printing to create your custom aligners. The fundamental difference between Invisalign® and any other clear aligners is in the details. Our material is more flexible for greater comfort, and it hugs your teeth closer for a better fit and more accurate movements.

Benefits of Utilizing Invisalign®

Invisalign® treatment provides numerous benefits to make straightening your teeth as easy as smiling. It could be used not only for adults but also for all ages, including teens and utilized for early preventive orthodontic care. This top-notch procedure straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of accurate, personalized, detachable appliances called aligners. It provides the ultimate discretion for straightening teeth, which means hardly anyone will know that you're wearing it. Additionally, each aligner is worn for about two weeks and only taken out to eat, brush and floss, meaning the inside of your mouth won't get sore or raw from chafing brackets. Finally, it has no impact on your hobbies; Invisalign's® removable aligners let you skip the inconvenience and keep enjoying your hobbies as usual.

Why Choose Mergen Orthodontics?

To guarantee the best possible results, only an orthodontist who has been trained and certified by Align Technology can detect and treat using Invisalign®. Subsequently, Dr. Mergen is fully committed to advancing orthodontic care and exceptional service for his patients. He is the top Invisalign® provider in Eastern Iowa and only 1 of 3 orthodontists in the state with VIP Diamond Provider status. With these credentials, you can be sure that when you trust Mergen Orthodontics with your orthodontic treatment, you’re getting the very best care available!



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