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Dr. Mergen Presents Advanced Options for Todays Braces 

Orthodontic technologies have greatly improved the effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of wearing braces for today's patients. Many people who were once concerned about having to wear large metal brackets and thick bands on their teeth, for years, are now enjoying healthy new smiles thanks to the assistance of Dr. Mergen. He has been a leader in clear orthodontic options for more than two decades, as well as providing more discreet orthodontic care.

The Old Traditional Braces

With traditional braces, brackets are glued to each tooth and held together by a metal loop that goes around the entire row of teeth. Hence, thick brackets and bands were difficult to clean around and many patients suffered from tooth discoloration as a result. Over time, the exposed enamel around each bracket darkened from inadequate brushing, while the color underneath each bracket was protected; when the brackets were removed, lighter spots could be seen in the centers of many teeth. Thankfully, today's braces rarely cause such a problem, provided patients brush regularly.

The New Invisible Braces

Modern advances have eliminated the thick steel bands and heavy brackets of the past. Today, stronger glues mean smaller, more tightly bonded brackets. Thick bands have been replaced by thin wires that are not only are harder to see, but also more effective at adjusting teeth.

These smaller, stronger components translate into fewer adjustment appointments, and ultimately a shorter treatment length. On top of that, they also improve oral health.

The latest news in orthodontics that has many people excited is the development of "invisible" or “clear” braces. Clear ceramic braces are a type of braces popular in patients looking for more discreet orthodontics as they are less visible than traditional metal braces. Clear braces are smaller and smooth, thus more comfortable than metal braces. The clear braces blend into the color of the tooth making them much less noticeable and almost invisible from a distance.

Ceramic braces are made of a clear ceramic composite that does not stain upon eating or drinking your favorite foods. In addition, these clear ceramic braces help align teeth in a shorter period of time than metal braces. With regular visits and proper care, ceramic braces can help you straighten your teeth and obtain that beautiful smile in less time and fewer visits!

Relying on Dr. Mergen

Dr. John Mergen has been providing happy smiles to patients in Johnson County and the surrounding areas since 1997. The clinic’s core purpose is to ensure the patient’s comfort and happiness from the moment they walk through their doors.



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